July 31, 2017

On my bucket list: a road trip across Canada. From coast to coast. In a VW van.

I’ll be 67 on August 16. YESSS. And up to now, I haven’t travelled much in my life… But it ain’t over yet.

Bucket list. Dream. Road Trip. Canada. VW van. Law of attraction. Drawing. Cartoon. Self portrait. MUDD LAVOIE

One of my dreams has always been to visit Canada from coast to coast. I’ve never been further West than Kingston, Ontario, or further East than Paquetville, New Brunswick. Heck, I live in the province of Québec and I haven’t seen more than 10 percent of its territory.

So yeah, I’m visualizing myself on The Big Canadian Road Trip.
Riding in a VW van — of course.

One day…
Oh yeah.

July 25, 2017


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MUDD LAVOIE drawing cartoon faceFor instance, look at my portfolio page — argh! Am currently going back in time to every single post since December 2007 in order to upload my pictures directly to WordPress instead of linking to Photobucket. It’ll take me a while, so please be patient. THANKS.


July 5, 2017

Keith Haring, Pisa, my photographer friend, snakes, synchronicity, and a NEW DRAWING

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I’m a big fan of reptiles.

Earlier this year, I wanted to create a huge painting for my living room so I drew a few sketches of a SNAKE slithering amid rocks and cactuses.

Months later, the 48 x 48 inch canvas hangs on the wall over my couch: blank, barren, empty.

But now that my mojo’s back, I figured it would be good practice for me to start with a drawing before graduating to the Big Canvas. Last week, on Wednesday, I made a new SNAKE sketch for my Project Hallway.


I’m also a big fan of Keith Haring.

On her recent trip to Italy, my longtime friend Sylvie Robert stopped in Pisa — to see the famous tower — where she unexpectedly came across a mural created by Haring in 1989. She shared this photo on Facebook… especially for moi.  😎

Thursday, Sylvie came over for supper
and brought me THIS:

When I saw the SNAKE on the Keith Haring magnet, my goosebumps got goosebumps — amazing synchronicity!

Bursting with gratitude and boosted by Haring’s energy, I created the second drawing for my Project Hallway:

Black ink & Prismacolor pencils on cardboard
9.5 x 7.5 inches

2 frames down and 6 to go.
Having fun is FUN.


P.S.: If ever you’re in Pisa, check out the art/shop/café where Sylvie bought the magnet. They also have a Facebook page.

June 28, 2017

life is like an empty frame

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Yes, boys and girls, life is like an empty frame.
You’re either content with the crappy picture it came with,
or you fill it up with your own creation.

I moved into this apartment in July 2013. Somewhere in 2014, I bought 8 frames at Dollarama — 3 bucks each — to decorate the hallway. Up until yesterday, all of them had remained empty except for the crappy pictures they came with. My hallway was a reflection of my life: Bland Uniformity.

And then yesterday, I made a small step towards the eradication of blandness: I filled the first frame with the first of a long series of drawings I’ll be creating now that THE THRILL IS BACK, BABY!

So that’s 1 frame down and 7 to go.
Stay tuned for more!