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December 31, 2007

Countdown 2008 – Party!

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2 hours to 2008

Well…this is it: my first ever New Year’s Eve Web Party.

But just like in real life, I’m a little late getting ready. So while I blow the balloons and prepare the rest of the stuff, why don’t you all have a seat, have a sushi, have a glass of wine…have a good time!

Table Sushi New Years Eve meal celebration Mudd Lavoie

I’m so glad to see you here tonight…it means the world to me.

20 minutes to 2008

Having a great time.
Daisy is a little tipsy…the old gal is all pooped out.

Daisy Cocker Spaniel party New Years Eve balloons Mudd Lavoie Happy New Year

Looking back on 2007, I see family, friends, smiling faces…endless possibilities.

I’m happy to have found…happiness!
Every day, I wake up…and there it is.
All I have to do is grab it, go with it, BE it.

I’m so grateful. THANK YOU!

Now…bring on the New Year!

Oh yeah!



December 31, 2007

Countdown 2008 – Part 2

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I will be adding to this post regularly throughout the day…till about 6:00 p.m. when I’ll start another post for my New Year’s Eve Web Party. Don’t go away…

15 hours to 2008

Good Morning!

Welcome to the Big Countdown – glad to see your smiling face. 🙂

It’s snowing yet again, in beautiful Montréal. Daisy loves the white stuff, but this morning, she seems to be thinking, “Will it ever end?!” Hey darlin’, it’s only just beginnin’.

Dog Cocker Spaniel Daisy Mudd Lavoie

I’m drinking green tea, thumbing through my old agenda, filling the new one with all the birthdays and special occasions I don’t want to forget. 

agenda journal Mudd Lavoie

This gives me a chance to reflect on 2007, see if I’ve accomplished all that I had set out to.

Listening to Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits Volume II.

Life is sweet.

12 hours to 2008

Lunch time: pasta primavera.
I know – had pasta yesterday.
But hey…it’s New Year’s Eve!

Runes and Tarot cards are ready for a reading.

Golden Tarot Runes Mudd Lavoie

So as soon as I’m done with the pasta, I’ll light the candles and incense…and strike up a conversation with the Universal Energy. Will be reporting my findings, so stay tuned!

Background music: Sade – Diamond Life

7 hours to 2008

This is the message I received from the Runes…what I must focus on for 2008:

The Self

Runes Mannaz The Self Mudd Lavoie

The starting point is the self. Its essence is water. Only clarity, willingness to change, is effective now. A correct relationship to your self is primary, for from it flow all possible correct relationships with others and with the Divine.

Remain modest – that is the Oracle’s counsel. Regardless of how great may be your merit, be yielding, devoted and moderate, for then you have a true direction for your way of life.

Be in the world but not of it, that is implicit here. And yet do not be closed, narrow, or judging, but remain receptive to impulses flowing from the Divine within and without. Strive to live the ordinary life in a non-ordinary way. Remember at all times what is coming to be and passing away, and focus on that which abides. Nothing less is called for from you now.

This is a time of major growth and rectification and, as a rule, rectification must come before progress. The field is tilled before the seed is planted, the garden is weeded before the flower blooms, and the self must know stillness before it can discover its true song.

This is not a time to seek credit for accomplishments or to focus on results. Rather, be content to do your task for the task’s sake. This is more a problem for those whose eyes are always on the goal than for those who have not forgotten how to play and can more easily find themselves in doing the work for its own sake. Herein lies the secret of experiencing a true present.

If you take the Rune of the Self and cut it down the middle, you will see the Rune for Joy with its mirror image. There is a subtle caution here against carelessness. The dancing acrobatic energy of balancing is called for now – the Self is required to balance the self. Nothing in excess was the second phrase written over the gateway to the temple at Delphi. The first counsel was Know thyself.

I also picked two Tarot cards:

Tarot cards Mudd Lavoie

The Magician

Knowledge is power. Empowerment through the understanding of our own abilities and the world around us. Intelligence and initiative. Pragmatism, the ability to make the best of a situation. A risk must be taken, and a choice made – this is the time for a new start, the beginning of something significant.

Four of Cups

The grass is always greener. This card warns against taking your blessings for granted. There is the tendency to yearn after that which is forbidden or unattainable, but you have so much to be thankful for in your life already. Is it really worth risking what you have for that which may lose appeal when obtained anyway?

Okay…I’m off to pick up the sushi.
See you later, folks…in a brand new Party Post.

December 30, 2007

Countdown 2008 – Part 1

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This will be one long post – I’ll be adding to it all through the day. I’m starting early this year…I want to make sure I’m ready to rock when 2008 rolls in. Oh yeah!

36 hours to 2008

Today is all about purifying my home: getting rid of the old energy
so the new energy can circulate freely.

I’ve got the vacuum cleaner out, and I’m about to put the first load of
dirty laundry into the washer.

Listening to Legend — The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Bob Marley Legend Album Cover Mudd Lavoie

Let the fun begin!

35 hours to 2008

First wash ready to fold. Second wash in progress.

It’s 1:00 p.m. – Making pasta for lunch.

33 hours to 2008

The pasta was delicious, thank you.

Second wash ready to fold – wash is over and done with for today. 

Making list of things to buy for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve Web Party. VW Van drawing Mudd Lavoie

Will take van to car wash…and shop for items on list. 

29.5 hours to 2008

Everything is going according to plan. 🙂

Shopping is all done, except for the sushi – I’ll be going for take-out tomorrow evening around 7:00. Already picked what I want from their menu: avocado hosomaki (6), cucumber hosomaki (6), vegetarian temaki (1), lettuce/carrot/cucumber/avocado/tofu futo maki (5). Vegetarian cuisine at it’s best!

I have the party decorations, the wine, nachos and salsa sauce for an early evening snack, and an assortment of baklawa/namoura for dessert. Ooooooo…how am I ever going to resist drinking and eating all this tonight?

Also remembered to buy my agenda (day planner) for 2008. Will be writing in the birthdays and special anniversaries tomorrow – going through my old agenda and looking back at 2007.

Now it’s time for a nice bowl of hot soup…I just came in from walking Daisy. Though it’s not too cold outside, it sure is slippery.

Miles Davis Kind of Blue album cover Mudd Lavoie

Listening to Miles Davis – Kind of Blue.

24.5 hours to 2008

What a great day this has been. And tomorrow is going to be even better. Yes!

Because now that I’ve gotten all the cleaning and shopping out of the way, I’ll be able to relax and dive into the more spiritual part of the ritual: the Runes, the Tarot, the burning of incense, etc.

And I received two beautiful gifts, yesterday, that will make the rituals even more special:

an Inukshuk…

Inukshuk gift Mudd Lavoie

 and a box of scented candles…

candles Mudd Lavoie

So I hope to see you all bright and early for Part 2 of the Countdown to 2008.

Big hugs and lots of love,
Oza a.k.a. Mudd
(and vice versa)

December 29, 2007


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December 29, 1949.

phone 1949 vintage Mudd Lavoie

5 :53 p.m.

What Violette has been feeling for more than a week; what Meldrude has been seeing in her tea leaves for the last two days; what I’ve slowly been growing into for close to a month and a half; all this is validated, confirmed, and explained in a two-minute phone call from Doctor Hamel: Violette is going to have a baby.

Violette puts the receiver back down, smiles at herself in the mirror that hangs over the couch, and quickly returns to the kitchen where Meldrude is rummaging through every drawer, looking for the potato masher. Violette – who had rushed to take the call with the utensil in hand – gently pushes the old woman out of the way and starts mashing vigorously, pouring milk and dropping big chunks of butter into the mix.

Théodore comes out of the bathroom, lights his pipe, coughs something up, spits it in the kitchen sink, plops down in the rocking chair, and asks, his head trembling, “Who was it?”

After shaking pepper, then salt, into the pot, Violette puts the potatoes back on the stove, turns to face her in-laws, and announces, with a wave of her masher, “I’m pregnant.”

6:15 p.m.

Georges (Violette’s brother) and Thomas (their cousin) arrive after a hard day’s work at the umbrella factory. Once they have washed their hands and seated themselves at the table, Violette belts out the good news. Potatoes and peas and hamburger steaks are served amidst laughter and joy.

7:38 p.m.

Violette has done the dishes and is now folding the laundry that spent the day drying on makeshift clotheslines, in the hallway. She hopes Edmond won’t work too late, and maybe even skip his regular stopover at the tavern, tonight. He was so distraught, last year, when they lost their son. She thinks the sad event could be the reason why her husband spends so much time drinking with his buddies, or even explain his distant behaviour and lack of hygiene.

This baby just might be the answer to all her prayers.

7:46 p.m.

The door bell rings: it’s Alice, Violette’s sister-in-law. Her husband, Henri, is Edmond’s brother. He’s also Edmond’s boss – owns a contracting company that does renovation jobs for movie theatres and nightclubs all over town. Henri calls Edmond his “right arm,” but in reality, Edmond is also the left arm, the painter, the carpenter and the foreman; he does all the work.

Violette likes her brother-in-law, but she hates her sister-in-law. She finds her arrogant and bitchy and downright

Without even so much as a polite nod to the rest of the household, Alice orders Violette to grab her coat – “Snap to it, the motor’s running!”- they’re going to Côte Ste-Catherine, on the other side of the river, where there’s something she thinks her sister-in-law should see. 

Car Vintage Buick 1949 Mudd Lavoie

8: 17 p.m.

Dragging Violette by her coat sleeve, Alice barges into the Pink Flamingo, ignores the doorman’s extended hand, rushes by the coat check girl, knocks down a fake palm tree, and coming to a halt in front of the band, points a ferocious finger towards the middle of the dance floor. There, in the arms of what her mother-in-law would call a “cocotte,” Violette finds her Edmond, swaying to the sound of Stardust their song.

8:18 p.m.

The womb is struck with a tremor so big that my 4 mm body is nearly ripped to shreds.

And Philippe thought the whistling was bad.