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January 26, 2008

Treasure Map

A Treasure Map is a collage of everything you want to have, be, become, and do.

It’s a fun way of focusing on your dreams/goals/priorities, and making them all come true.

You can use pictures and words cut from magazines, books or cards, photographs, drawings…whatever you can think of.

The Set-Up

This is my hallway. I painted the faux brick look in 1994, and over the years, people have added all sorts of graffiti. It’s definitely a work-in-progress.

wall hall hallway faux brick drawings graffiti decor decoration decorating home Mudd Lavoie


I taped six poster-sized cardboards together — this is going to be a HUGE Treasure Map.

wall hall hallway map treasure vision board Mudd Lavoie


Stacks of old magazines, scissors, glue, ruler…all is ready for me to start collecting the images I need for my Treasure Map.

drawing table Mudd Lavoie


Of course, you don’t have to create such a big map. You can do it on just one poster-sized cardboard, or even use a large scrapbook.

Choose whatever you’re most comfortable with…and have fun!

So…do you want to play?

January 20, 2008

Manifesting Abundance

On Being Crazy and Poor

In my first post – The Day Has Come – I told you a bit about my past and how I lived through some pretty tough times. I hit bottom in 1996: went from being a depressed albeit functioning/working woman to a recluse, agoraphobic nut. Yup.

But that’s all behind me now. For the past year and a half, I’ve been working hard in order to get myself back on the highway to total financial freedom. I’m mentally and physically fit, I’m blissfully happy, my whole family is doing great…so all that’s left for me to do is bring in the cash.

The Power of Thoughts

I’m not one to sit around and think that everything I want will miraculously drop down from heaven – then again, I know of many instances where the magic happened without me having to lift a finger. Still, ever since coming into contact with The Secret and The Law of Attraction, I understand how much the power of thoughts can help us create the life we want, filled with abundance of all sorts.

books library LOA law of attraction Mudd Lavoie

The thing is, many of us – myself included – buy the DVDs and books about the law of attraction, watch and read and watch them some more, but don’t actually put the teachings into practice. So what I’ll be doing in the months to come is applying the teachings as much as I can…and having fun in the process. Don’t forget: fun is one of the keys to happiness.

NOTE: Once my experiment is set up, I’ll go with it and report back here on a regular basis. This is all part of a Master Plan to create more and more happiness. Don’t worry, we’ll all be loading the van soon and riding back to 1921 to witness Violette’s exciting entrance into the world of the living.

Now, let the fun begin!

Improving the Vibes

In The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent – Living the Art of Allowing, Esther and Jerry Hicks tell us that if things are not changing, or if they are changing very slowly, it’s because we are giving most of our attention to the what-is we are living, and very little of our attention to the what-we-would-like-to-be-living.

So if it’s my desire to have more money, but whenever I think about money I feel worried or frustrated, then this is not good. Emotionally, I need to improve the vibes between my desire to have money and the thoughts I most often link to the whole money issue.

The Wallet Process

This game requires a one hundred dollar bill. How I got my hundred dollar bill is a Law of Attraction story in itself, because I don’t normally have these brown bills hanging around in my purse. Here’s what happened.

Last Thursday, I was reading the chapter on the Wallet Process while taking my morning bubble bath. Of course, I became all excited about doing the experiment and figured I’d scrape up the amount just long enough to see how it goes. Well…that very afternoon, my son came by after work to give me one of his terrific hugs, and…yes…five twenty-dollar bills. I couldn’t believe it. Of course, he gave me this money for me to buy my passport – he’s getting married in Cuba, next April, and is paying for my trip and all related expenses. But still, it was quite a coincidence, don’t you think?

So the following day, I went to the bank and changed my twenties for a nice crisp hundred dollar bill.

money canada dollars hundred Mudd Lavoie

First step: done!

Next step: I must carry this bill with me wherever I go, and take note of the many things I could purchase with it. By holding the $100 bill and not spending it right away, I receive the vibrational advantage of it every time I think about it. This is why it’s good to hold on to the bill. If I were to spend it on the first thing I noticed, I would receive the benefit of really feeling my financial well-being only once. But if I mentally spend the hundred dollars 20 or 30 times each day, then I receive the vibrational feeling advantage of spending two or three thousand dollars a day. Which is woopdeedoo fun.

Attraction Shift

Each time I acknowledge that I have the power – right there in my wallet – to purchase this, or to do that, I add to my sense of financial well-being over and over again. This way, my point of attraction begins to shift: I could have this. I could have that. I could do this. I could go there. Because I really do have the means to do whatever I want, there’s no doubt or any other bad vibes disturbing the flow of energy. I’ve shifted my attraction-attention from being poor to being rich.

I feel better already.

All this to say that in days to come, I’ll be going around and mentally buying and doing whatever I want. I’ll bring my camera and take pictures of all the goodies I’ll (mentally) purchase. To compliment this game and make it even more motivating, I’ll start a new Treasure Map. Stay tuned for more details.

How about you?
Have you been practicing lately?

Rock on!

The video is a bit blurry…but trust me, it’s worth watching.
Pay me my money down!

January 19, 2008


Posted in drawings

It’s almost 11:30 p.m., I’m still writing what should have been today’s post (all about the Law of Attraction experiment), so there’s no way it will be published before midnight.

This will teach me not to make promises. Or maybe it will teach me to start writing a tad earlier instead of spending my time working out in order to sculpt my body for my trip to Cayo Coco, next April.

Anyway, here’s a little doodle to keep you happy till my article is ready.

drawing Sleeping Beauty illustration princess Mudd Lavoie

Love ya!


January 17, 2008


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Don’t you just love surprises?
Well yesterday, I got two of them.

First Surprise

I found an old friend on Facebook. We hadn’t seen each other for maybe two or three years, maybe even more, so it was nice to reconnect. I saw this guy grow up; he used to live across the lane and was friends with my oldest son.

Second Surprise

After we exchanged a bunch of messages on Facebook – news about our respective families, what’s happening in our lives these days, are we in love or not, how’s the health and all that jazz – good ol’ Éric sent me this drawing: he took my Oza cartoon, crossed her arms, and drew himself at her side.

drawing Oza and Rico Mudd Lavoie

Too cool! — I had forgotten how well he can draw.


I’d like to remind you that if you really want to get in on this trip, if your Inner Kid still believes in magic, then go to Facebook and register. Once you’ve registered, glide on over to my group, Road Trip Destination Happiness, and join. That’s how you’ll get to see all the people who are on this trip – a mighty swell gang, from places all over the World. Even my dear ex-neighbour is in the van…oh yeah.

One Last Thing

Apart from his talent for drawing, Éric Goyette is an excellent guitarist, bassist and singer (rock and blues), as well as a cabinetmaker. And now that he’s back in Montréal, he’s looking for work. So if ever you need his services, please send me a message on my contact page. Thanks!