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March 11, 2008

The Big Purge

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Three weeks ago, I decided to make room in my life for new energy to flow. I’ve accumulated so much stuff over the years, from books to newspapers to magazines to tens of thousands of pages of notes, journals, and miscellaneous scribblings, to all sorts of decorating items and knick-knacks, that I feel trapped, buried, gasping for air. It’s now time to take one last look at all of this, read through it one more time, and say “Adieu, Goodbye, Adios old friends!” When I’m done exploring my past, I want to be left with only a trunk full of souvenirs…that’s it, that’s all.

Here’s what my home looked like on February 17.

kitchen studio workplace renovation decoration organization Mudd Lavoie


It doesn’t look much better at the moment, because on that day, I sprained my back moving furniture around. My back still hurts, but I’m determined to go ahead with my plan.

Feng Shui, Baby!

This is my kitchen…which I’ve been using as a studio for over ten years, mainly because of the great light coming through the patio doors. But I’m sick of feeling cramped…I want my kitchen back!

kitchen studio workplace drawing table renovation organization Mudd Lavoie

So it’s out with the drawing table and all the pens, inks, pencils, paints, brushes, yada yada yada…and in with the wonderful empty space. 🙂

Of course, I needed to get rid of the huge nine-drawer commode that I bought from a used furniture store. It looked like an Italian coffin when I got it, but I quickly turned it into what you see now…blending perfectly with walls and trims.

Out on the sidewalk it went, on garbage night. Less than 30 minutes later, it was picked up by a very happy fellow who took it home. Cool!

Rockin’ it in The Office

So here I’ve cleared a space for the drawing table.

office space for drawing table decoration organization Mudd Lavoie

This means the office will be a war zone for the next few months, while I go through boxes and shelves piled with the thousands of pieces that make up my life. Puzzle time, people…woo hoo!

office documents papers organization Mudd Lavoie

Do Not Despair…This Too Shall Pass

Part of my living room / dining room is still waiting to be liberated from “The Old Me.”

dining room mess organization decoration Mudd Lavoie

It’s not as bad as you see here, but I’m working on liberating this space before attacking the office…for obvious reasons.

dining room mess organization decoration Mudd Lavoie

And I also have three closets full of stuff to sort through, so you know where to find me from now on…and on…and on.

Baby Steps

Today, I took four boxed collections of old vinyl records (a total of 45 records in mint condition) to Fripe-Prix Renaissance, a non-profit organization offering persons from 18 to 60 years of age, who are having difficulty gaining access to the labour market, a training program combined with paid work experience. Thanks to our purchase of items in the Fripe-Prix stores and to our donations of clothing and other small articles, Renaissance is able to pursue its mission. They are going to see a lot of me in weeks to come, oh yeah!


I haven’t forgotten the Treasure Map and the Wallet Process. Will be getting back to that soon.

So…how are you all doing?