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May 31, 2008

Filling The Void

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Hellooooooo People!

A quick post before the month ends.

One measly little post in May…what the heck is going on with me?!

All month, I wanted to tell you about Cuba and my son’s wedding, but felt I should talk about my dear dog Daisy Mae’s passing first (happened April 1) but didn’t quite feel like it, so one day led to another and I ended up not writing a single thing. I’ll be getting to Daisy’s story…eventually…not ready yet…so here’s what I did today and what I intend to do in the days to come.

Fun Times

My creative friend Stacy arrived at 1:00 p.m. and off we went to a bead store here in beautiful downtown Verdun Beach.

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Stacy’s a seasoned jewelry artist, her work is amazing. All I want to do is produce simple bracelets: small, delicate beads, assembled with elastic string. So she directed me to the right material but then I was also tempted into buying a moon-like bead, a piece of leather thread, and a metal thingy for a clasp, all this in order to make myself a cool necklace. In the photo, top right, is a stack of orange coral that used to be my mother’s necklace; it broke a few decades ago, and I want to turn the lot into an ankle bracelet. The white bracelet, bottom left, I got in Cuba (fish bone); it’s a tad too big, so I’ll be eliminating a few beads and joining the rest together using the elastic string concept.

After we left the bead store, we stopped for take-out sushi, wine, an assortment of baklavas, and a de-li-cious dark chocolate bar.

supper, dinner, balcony, summer, Verdun, Mudd Lavoie

We got to eat on my balcony ’cause the sun came out and we figured, “Hey…SUMMER!”

(Ate all the sushi and half the sweets; had to keep the other half for later. Granted, it’s an unusual meal plan, but eating one course, then dessert, followed by a second course, and more dessert, made our stomachs sing.)

I love the tablecloth. It’s actually a shawl that I bought for a dollar ninety-nine at the Friperie Renaissance. Such a happy print. Every year, I get to have something different; once summer is over and it’s all faded from the sun, I throw it away. Don’t look for us or the food in this pic…sorry, too late, we were already back inside preparing Part Two of the feast.

Introducing: Spring Rolls

Multifaceted Stacy showed me how to do them. I know, it’s no big deal, not rocket science, but I figured why not have her walk me through the process instead of trying it out on my own.

By this time, we were sipping wine and had switched from smooth jazz to good ol’ rock and roll music…much better for slicing/chopping carrots, cucumbers, mangos and avocados.

Vegetarian rolls, folks.

They were heavenly.

With lots of snow pea shoots and fresh mint.

spring rolls, asian cuisine, supper, homemade, dinner, Mudd Lavoie

Tah Daaaah: I’ll be eating the three left-overs for breakfast, tomorrow.

Yes, breakfast.

YUMMERS! (went a bit heavy on the carrots for that top one)

A Bead Moment

Well, it was getting pretty late, we were tired, the wine had settled and done its job, so Stacy gave me a brief course on how to string a bead (aim well), and how to tie a clasp securely with a loop knot and not a flat knot, which apparently is less sturdy. So voilà…my brand new moon necklace.

moon, moonstone, necklace, jewelry, arts and crafts, beading, Mudd Lavoie

Thus, my friends, ends a wonderful day and a great month of May.

I’ll probably be staying up most of the night working on my Treasure Map (am totally pumped up). For the last four or five days, I’ve been cutting out pictures in magazines and thinking of ways to organize the different sections. Getting back into the groove of manifesting an exciting life filled with an abundance of everything. YESSSSS!

See you later for an update.

Love and hugs…it’s good to be back…xoxo