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December 31, 2008

Countdown: 2 min. to 2009

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Treasure Chest

and Runes

These last two rituals shook me up.

But it’s too late for me to explain now, because hey…
it’s New Year’s Eve!


Let’s make it the greatest year ever.



December 30, 2008

Countdown: 30 hours to 2009

Here’s the blogborygmus I doodled, last night.

It represents the ultimate goal I’ll be focusing on throughout 2009.

A goal I’m determined to reach before August 16, 2010, as I am anxious to reap the abundance that will follow — a very “Law of Attraction” reaction.

In case the above drawing/message is too confusing or comes off as being too hippy-dippy-weird, here’s a more precise and detailed version of my ultimate goal:

I want to make money…

  • writing blog posts; articles for magazines and newspapers; books also… maybe (especially for kids);
  • shooting documentaries or short films;
  • creating whatever drawings/paintings/podcasts I can come up with while traveling all over the Planet;
  • coaching, even; after all, am I not a Certified Giggle Coach — Helping you find happiness, one giggle at a time? 😉

I want to…

  • meet as many people as I can;
  • learn from them and share with them what I, myself, have learned;
  • spread love and positive vibes;
  • help people feel better;
  • make people laugh, laugh, LAUGH.

I want to…

  • travel the world in a Westfalia camper — I want it white, covered with black and red illustrations;
  • have enough cash to sleep in a nice hotel, now and then, and eat decent meals every day;
  • work/play with good quality audio and video equipment as well as with a MacBook Pro.

Will be visualizing my road trip scenario over and over till I can actually taste the smell of gasoline; till I feel my butt getting numb from driving around for too long and I suddenly catch myself looking for a cool place to park and to take a walk.

Must think “nomad,” “gypsy,” “traveling road show.”
Must visualize with all my senses.

Must be grateful and keep saying “Thank you.”
Must make believe I already have it all.
Gracias, Universe!

Countdown to 2009
**The Year of The Oza**
Still more to come…

December 30, 2008

Countdown: 44 hours to 2009

About Santa Claus

He didn’t bring me what I asked for. Far from it.

Instead of a MacBook Pro and a ZOOM H4, I got a boil.

And the boil isn’t in any ol’ place either: it’s on my face, in the middle of my right cheek, right under my big brown beauty mark.


While I’m typing this blog post, my festive furuncle sleeps soundly under a heavy coat of aloe gel. Good boil. As the pus-filled lump sleeps, a thought gives me the creeps: if I don’t kick myself in the butt and move on with my life, I will continue to ROT.

Which brings us to my next topic…

This website turned one year old on December 18

I went back and read my my very first blog post. I remember how completely drained I was that day. Drained by the months of patience and hard work it had taken for the site to go up. I can’t begin to count the hours spent on Skype with Tina Stephen, my tech guru, probing and testing, day and night, to finally figure things out and make my dream come true.

So there I was, inaugurating my custom-designed site, at the start of what I believed would be a rockin’ road trip through the past.

When I clicked to publish that first post, I was excited — oh yes, very much so. But at the same time, I realized what HIGH expectations I held for this site and that I would have to work very hard in order to keep the dream alive. (DOUBLY hard since I had had the brilliant idea of managing a French version of this blog thus doubling the work… doubling the stress.)

Yes, I was stressed. The stress kept getting heavier and heavier, and things started to become more and more boring as the weeks and months went by. Where had all the excitement and adventure and music and laughter gone? Why was my magical van so slow? Why did I always end up spoiling my fun?

Many times, I wanted to quit and shut down the site. Other times, I wanted to at least drop one of the blogs. Of course, the French blog would have been the one to go because it has the least traffic. The thought of this made me feel bad: How could I abandon my heritage, my culture?

Damn guilt.

All this to say that I’m glad I pushed ahead and pulled through — in both English and French.

I’m now ready to raise the bar and make this place a reflection of who I truly am and of who I want to become. I’m already focusing on getting rid of the perfectionist devil, and I’ll be starting a creativity class soon, but that’s a topic for another post.

I hope you all have some kind of end-of-year ritual. Personally, I find it important to look at where I have come from; to make sure I know where I want to go; and to pack my mind, heart and soul with whatever I’ll need for the journey ahead.

More to come as I count down the hours
that will lead us to 2009…
**The Year of The Oza**

Everybody conga!

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!


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