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June 11, 2009


In 1991, on the eve of turning 41,
I decided I was going to live till
I’m 133 — MINIMUM.

A healthy 133 years young
in mind, body, and soul.

Along with being vegetarian, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and laughing in the face of adversity, I thought I’d add a little Law of Attraction to my daily routine to help keep my mojo workin’ for another 74 years.

Before I move on with my plan, here’s a reality check: I already have a ravaged face.

That’s because of the rock’n’roll life I’ve led, the roads of depression I’ve traveled, the sun I’m addicted to, and the load of crummy genes I inherited from my now-deceased mother.

At the moment, the wrinkles around my mouth are the ones that bother me the most. But I’m sure it won’t be long till they blend right in with the ones that are slashing my mug, from my forehead to my chin.

Another thing that makes me look older is my hair.

I got my first grey hair when I was 12; by the age of 28, my mane had turned to salt and pepper; nowadays, well, it’s mostly grey… a very light grey (see photos).

In 2006, sick and tired of my dusty locks which, back then, came down below my shoulder blades, I had my hair coloured a nice golden brown. Two weeks later, realizing that the grey would always pop back to ruin the look, I bought a clipper and shaved it all off.

In September 2008, deep in the throes of another capillary crisis, I had plum-coloured streaks brushed in. After going through the same process in December and once more last March, I have since chosen to drop the streaks and get used to my natural look. Instead of reaching for the clipper, I’m patiently waiting for the streaks to either fade out, grow out, or fall out.

So when I say I want to live till I’m 133,
esthetics are evidently not a priority.

My new motto:

From now on, my mental and physical health, my strength, my endurance, my flexibility, and my humour-slash-happiness are what I intend to focus on in order to stay in top shape.

Enter Deepak…

According to Chopra’s teachings in his book Grow Younger, Live Longer — 10 Steps to Reverse Aging, the “normal” experience of the body and its aging is a conditioned response — a habit of thinking and behaviour.

By changing my habits of
thinking and behaviour,
I can change the experience of
my body and its aging.



Close your eyes. Become aware of your breath, releasing any tension you may be holding in your body.

Now, choose an age within the last fifteen years
that you would like to be in biological terms.
(Note: I’ll be 59 this year, so I chose 49.)

This means you would like to have the physical and mental capacity of a healthy person at that age, that you would like your biomarkers to reflect that particular age, that you would like to feel and look that particular age.

Just as a thermostat adjusts the temperature in a room to a particular set point, so, too, your Biostat will orchestrate your psychology and biology around the biological age you have chosen.

This will happen through the following mechanisms:

  1. Your intention to stay at a particular Biostat will directly influence your body of energy, transformation, and intelligence. This is because intention influences your biochemistry through its infinite organizing power. This is the principle of teleology, which states that intended outcomes orchestrate the biological mechanisms to fulfill themselves.
  2. Keeping your Biostat in your awareness will influence your thinking, your moods, and you behaviour, and reinforce your intention to maintain your biology at that set point. Once you have identified your set point, begin affirming it five times a day.

We suggest practicing the following ritual upon awakening, before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, and at bedtime. On each of these occasions, close your eyes and mentally repeat to yourself each of the following phrases at least three times:

Every day in every way, I am increasing
my mental and physical capacity.

My Biostat is set at a healthy __ years of age.

I look and feel a healthy __ years old.

Within a few days of performing this ritual, you will actually begin to think and act from the level of your Biostat. All your habits will be influenced, but even more important, your perception of your biological age and your experience of it will begin to shift. You will start to believe in your Biostat and its organizing power, and your new belief will shape your new biology.

Believe me,

Give it a try and let me know how you feel.

June 5, 2009

I needed a coach…

Yes indeed, ladies and gents, lately I was thinking that maybe I needed a coach, and lo and behold, Maia Berens, whom I met on Twitter, dropped into my email box yesterday to tell me a spot was ready for me on her All About Life Coaching forum and that I should click myself over there and update my profile.

I did just that.
(Here I am on the train, on my way to Maia’s site.)

So now I’m on Week 1:
Monitor Your Mood

Here’s the opening paragraph to my brand new experience (I know what some of you are thinking: We’ll see how long this one lasts):

This is the beginning of your All About Life Journaling experience. This is the week where you begin to take notice of the existing state of your mind, your body, your emotional state. This is where you really begin looking at you.

For My new Goal or Action to take, I chose:
Don’t think.

As for On a scale of 1 – 10, with 10 being extremely happy, rate how you feel overall in your life today, my answer was originally split between:

I entered 10 for “mentally/emotionally” because I don’t hate myself anymore. Unfortunately, it took me so long to not hate myself that I ended up losing my financial independence. Thus the “financially 1.”

What makes my present situation even more challenging — apart from my lack of cash — is the fact that I’ll be 59 in August, that I feel as though I’m straight out of prison or a fifteen-year coma, and that all I dream about is escaping this housing co-op I’ve been living in (committed to) for 27 years and being on the road. I constantly ache to see new places; meet new people; travel through Canada; the States; then go further South and discover a different world. I want to explore… to explode!

So I figure I’m an OVERALL 7.
Once I’m on the road,
I’ll be a 10 and rising!

Again, I know I’ve been jumping from one thing to another ever since I began to blog, but that’s my handicap: I start a lot of things but rarely finish any of them.

Barbara Sher refers to us as scanners. I bought her book, REFUSE to CHOOSE!, on May 17, 2006 (I always write the date on the first page of every book I buy).

This is what it’s all about:

Are you a Scanner?

“I’m fascinated by something new every week!”
“I can’t commit to anything — I’m afraid I’ll miss something better!”
“I start so many things but finish almost none of them.”
“I know I should focus on one thing, but which one?”

If you’ve thought these things, chances are you’re a Scanner, a very special kind of thinker. Unlike people who are satisfied with one area of interest, you’re genetically wired to pursue many areas, and that’s exactly what you’ve been trying to do. But because your behavior is unfamiliar — even unsettling — to the people around you, you’ve been taught that you’re doing something wrong and told you must decide on one path.

But this advice has been a big mistake. You’ve been misdiagnosed. You’re not a failed specialist, you’re a different creature altogether.

The book made me understand my “condition” and made me feel happy that I’m not alone. Still… I AM alone at the moment. In a way, I’m sort of stuck between life and death — and I make this observation in a very positive way. I swear. Cross my heart and hope to die (laughing out loud and slapping my thigh).

All this to say that I’m glad Maia Berens dropped into my life.
Could it be that the Law of Attraction is working its magic?

To be continued… (I hope!)

P.S.: I was about to publish my post when I checked my emails. Here’s what I received from TUT (A Note from the Universe), proof that I’m on the right track with all my dreams:

The baby steps in the beginning of a journey always seem inadequate compared to the brilliance of the dream that inspired them. This is natural. If the dream wasn’t so far “out there” and dazzling, it wouldn’t be worth dreaming! Just don’t be led to think that the physical ground you cover with your baby steps is all that they accomplish. Because for every mortal step you take, another cog in a giant wheel behind the curtains of time and space advances, and with it, 10,000 new possibilities.

Better than Star Trek,
The Universe

Cool, eh?