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July 12, 2009

DAILY BURN – Making Health & Fitness a Priority

I’m on a roll!

Yes, little old me — the undisciplined, routine-hating,
easily-bored-to-death moi is building momentum.

And it’s all thanks to Dino who introduced me to DailyBurn.

As soon as I saw Dino’s tweet about DailyBurn,
I was drawn to click on the link.

When I landed on the site, I knew it was the beginning
of a brand new adventure.

So, of course, I tweeted about it…

One tweet led to another, and soon
Todd Tyrtle decided to join.

We have since become
*Burn Buddies* 🙂

Thus it will go down in History that on July 5th, 2009,
Todd and I officially started working out
and logging our daily food intake.

Here’s what the Food Log looks like:

EASY AS 1-2-3

Now that I’ve entered the required nutritional information in the “My Favorite Foods” section, all I need to do is type in the number of portions I’ve had and the nutritional breakdown is automatically calculated. (I can also choose from a long list of foods already registered by other members.)

Over time, I’ll be adding more favorite foods to my list as well as vegetarian recipes.

Throughout the day, various charts
keep me posted on my progress:

As you can see, I’m having a bit of a challenge:
must add more protein…
and must EAT MORE!

Keeping track of my food intake brought on a major wake-up call: for the past two years, I haven’t been eating as much as I should. And what I have been eating has way too many carbs and fat, and way too little protein.

If I’m going to work out 6 days a week for the rest of my life, I need to make sure my body gets enough fuel to keep me going till I’m 133… MINIMUM.


I’m taking the “slow but sure” route so as not to injure myself.
Or get sick and tired and quit.

“Remember, goals are stars to steer by,
not sticks with which to beat ourselves.”

– Barbara Smith

Every day, 6 days a week, I start off with

  • On my rebounder, I jog and jump and twist and kick, punching away, right, left and center, and basically doing any wild and crazy move I can think of to the beat of loud rock’n’roll music. YESSSS! This usually lasts 20 minutes… but I often lose track of time and go for a longer period because I’m having so much FUN.

Every day, I end my routine by doing crunches
and a variety of stretches.

AND every day, if all hell doesn’t brake loose,
I take a brisk one-hour walk outside.

Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I work my
UPPER BODY using 5-pound dumb-bells:

  • Curls
  • Shoulder Rotators
  • Seated Shoulder Press

I also do 3 sets of 8 push-ups
the girly kind, on my knees.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday,
I work on my LOWER BODY:

  • Thigh Strengtheners
  • Toe Risers

I also do Back Strengtheners.

VoilĂ !

Come Saturday, I deserve a break:
no workout, no food log.

But if you keep on reading, you’ll see that
a break won’t be that easy to take…

Here are the entries I posted in my
DailyBurn Journal for WEEK 1:


EXCITED AND DETERMINED = that’s how I feel today. After browsing this site and checking out different workouts, I decided to go with my very own slow-but-sure routine: the rebounder and the basic exercises listed in Deepak Chopra’s book, “Grow Younger, Live Longer.” I’m vegetarian and need to examine my eating habits in order to make sure I get the daily food intake I need to build muscle and stay healthy and energized. Will be getting the necessary info and post about this soon. Peace & Love & Rock’n’Roll, Mudd a.k.a. Happy Oza


PROUD OF MYSELF = that’s how I feel today. Went out and bought an exercise ball. Will be checking out the training videos on YouTube, tomorrow… to see how I can add to and improve my workouts. The great thing about recording my food intake is that I realized how low my protein intake is. VERY low. And my calorie intake is also a bit low. So will have to look into this… maybe see if I should supplement with protein shakes. All in all, this experience is a terrific boost. I’m aching a bit, but I can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout. Peace & Love & Rock’n’Roll, Mudd a.k.a. Burnin’ Oza


HOORAY FOR ME = that’s how I feel today. My legs are hard and feel tight, that’s how fast the rebounder works. Though today was an upper body workout day, I always start with the rebounder — for the cardio, but also for the sheer fun of it. Push-ups were easier to do than they were the first time, on Sunday, so I guess I’ll be ready to add a few by next week. Went to the library and picked up a series of DVDs on Pilates — want to learn how to use my gym ball properly. So I’m still excited about this new adventure. YESSS! Peace & Love & Rock’n’Roll, Mudd a.k.a. Smilin’ Oza


BUILDING MOMENTUM = that’s what I’m proud of, today. As they say, if you persist for 21 days, you create a habit. And I do intend to make working out and eating healthy a habit… an addiction, even! I’m happy I finally increased my protein intake… but can’t seem to eat enough to reach my total daily calorie goal. You’d think all this extra exercise would make me hungry — on the contrary. Very bizarre indeed… But I feel GREAT, so I’ll try and eat a bit more in days to come. Peace & Love & Rock’n’Roll, Mudd a.k.a. Gettin’ Stronger Oza


BURSTING WITH ENERGY = that’s how I feel today. Funny thing, I often find myself running around the house instead of walking, LOL. Still haven’t reached my total calorie goal — geez, it seems I’m eating all the time as it is! Will try harder, but can’t imagine ingesting more food. I’ve added a new exercise, today: DUMB-BELL SEATED SHOULDER PRESS. But I must admit, once it came time to do my push-ups, my arms were shaking. So all is good and I’m pumped like I’ve never been in my life. Peace & Love & Rock’n’Roll, Mudd a.k.a. Super Oza


FLYING HIGH = that’s how I feel, tonight. The end of my first week… but the beginning of a new, healthier, fitter life. BUT… as I mentioned before, I really need to eat more. I weighed in this morning: 111.6 pounds, down from 113.8 last Sunday. And here I was, thinking I’d weigh more because I was building muscle mass. NOT! So I’ll be taking care of that in order to not disappear completely. LOL Tomorrow is an off day — no workout, no logging my food. It will be a welcome break. Back to business on Sunday for WEEK 2. Bring it on! Peace & Love & Rock’n’Roll, Mudd a.k.a. Proud Oza


INCREDULOUS = that’s how I feel, tonight. Is this really me? I had intended to take the day off, to not log my food intake, to stay put and relax. NOT! There was no way I was going to let a day pass without logging my food to see how many carbs and proteins went into my body. And though I didn’t actually “work out,” I did take a walk… a very looooonnnng walk: 3 HOURS. Incredulous, I tell you. Because I’m SO not a disciplined person. SO not into routines of any kind. Could I be addicted to DailyBurn? I think so. And I’m mighty happy about it. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Week 2 — yaba daba doo doo doo. Peace & Love & Rock’n’Roll, Mudd a.k.a. New and Improved Oza

*WEEK 2* starts today.