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January 31, 2010

UPDATE / Week of January 25 to 31

REFERENCES: The 12-Notch PlanNotch #1 – GOALS for JanuaryNotch #1 – BABY STEPS / Week of January 25 to 31

My one and only baby step this week
was to put the ROAD TRIP SHOW online…

Well, it didnt happen.

Listen to my update
and you’ll understand why.

Better luck next time!
(is what I wish myself)


January 25, 2010

MORNING WALK – the goal becomes a habit

My morning walk by the river
has become a habit.
I’m hooked.
I’m glad!

snowy trail by the frozen st. lawrence river

Here’s what the trail looked like yesterday, around 8 a.m. — I was blown away by the different shades of blue.

crack in the ice st. lawrence river

Now that I’m in the habit of strolling along the river every morning, I get to notice the changes. For instance, this big crack wasn’t there the day before. You’ll be happy to know that even though I’m not comfortable with stepping onto the ice, I mustered up enough cojones to capture this picture… just for you.

snowy shores of the frozen st. lawrence river

Another fun thing about my new habit is that each morning I choose a different place to stop and sit and BE. This was yesterday’s *magical* spot — cool, huh?

Of course, I was already a big walker prior to engaging in this daily routine (a New Year’s resolution). Since I don’t have a car, I walk all the time, I walk all over the place. I also pride myself in walking super fast (beep! beep!) and for long distances — I get all pumped up and sweaty… it’s what keeps me fit.

What’s particular in this case is that my morning walks have turned into really nice dates with myself. YESSS! I’m starting to understand what Julia Cameron calls the artist date. I know, my dates aren’t exactly “artist dates” because I don’t go to different places to participate in different activities, but the end result is the same: I’m pulling myself out of the mothballs. I’m rediscovering who I truly am and asking myself what it is I want to live for the rest of my life. This makes me relax, and play; I’m being more creative, more happy.

Come to think of it, each morning walk is like a little road trip where I feel free and ALIVE. I’d love to just go on walking non-stop. I bet I could walk all around the world.

Only downside: When I miss my morning walk — like I did today, on account of the rain — I crave the river’s energy. The day just ain’t the same without it.

drawing of three fish under water

January 25, 2010

Notch #1 – BABY STEPS / Week of January 25 to 31

REFERENCES: The 12-Notch PlanNotch #1 – GOALS for JanuaryUPDATE / Week of January 18 to 24

my ONE and ONLY
for this week:




January 24, 2010

UPDATE / Week of January 18 to 24

REFERENCES: The 12-Notch PlanNotch #1 – GOALS for JanuaryNotch #1 – BABY STEPS / Week of January 18 to 24



Make that we did it.

Yes, this week’s one and only BABY STEP was to update WordPress So on Thursday evening I got together with my friend Kcrystina — who lives in Prince Edward Island — in the hopes that this time the updates on both my English and French blogs would be a breeze.

Not so.

To begin with, the Skype connection was awful. Kcrystina could hear me talk, but all I heard was silence mixed with static.

When Kcrystina decided to call me on the phone, there was echo at her end and this made it too annoying for her to pursue a conversation. So we went back to the Skype call, with me talking and she texting. Charming.

Once the updates were done, both blogs presented certain malfunctions — fudge! Kcrystina knew right away that it was a plugin’s fault, but which one? So I deactivated all 39 (20 on the English side, 19 on the French) and proceeded to reactivate each one in order to discover the culprit. It turns out I had to delete 3 plugins on each blog… and then the job was done. All in all, it took us almost 4 hours. Sheesh!

bird and feet with shoes

And now…
The coast is clear for my Road Trip Show — I need to move my butt!

See you tomorrow for a brand new week of baby steps.

P.S.: Does anyone else have problems updating WordPress? Kcrystina thinks it could be my server’s fault — I’m with BlueHost. Also, I’d love to know what your favourite plugins are. Thanks!

drawing of grass