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July 10, 2010

Socky, Hibiscus, and Happiness

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I received a leafy hibiscus for Mother’s Day. It took forever to grow buds, and once the buds appeared — about two and a half weeks ago — they remained tightly shut.

Till this morning!

Here’s my friend Socky who wants you to know that…

Socky Sock Puppet on Happiness

“Happiness is a blooming hibiscus.”

Socky Sock Puppet says Happiness is a blooming ibiscus

I’ll tell you more about Socky very soon.

We’ve recently reunited and have decided to work
together on different projects, this summer.

I’m sure you’ll love him just as much as I do.


July 3, 2010

HAPPINESS is… turning an obstacle into an opportunity

Radio FaceBoo — EPISODE 3
(on my blog, instead of on Facebook & audioBoo)

vintage red radio drawing

Here, now, is the story of WHY this episode is on my blog and not on Facebook and audioBoo:

small yellow sun drawing

Two days ago, I inaugurated Radio FaceBoo, a radio show
born of the union between Facebook and audioBoo.

EPISODE 1 was a breeze! I downloaded it to audioBoo — all 4 minutes and 41 seconds of it — and was on my way to FaceBoo heaven.

Then came EPISODE 2 which, by the way, is in French because I’ve decided to cha-cha from one official Canadian language to the other. This time, though, things didn’t go quite as well. When I downloaded my 6:57 document to audioBoo, it was cut short after only 5 minutes. And since I didn’t notice this unfortunate fickle-finger-of-fate occurrence, I went ahead and shared my episode on Facebook and audioBoo and, yes, on my French blog.

What a sour surprise it was for me (and others) to listen to my show and realise the song I played after my chit-chat had been amputated.

How annoying!

Of course I automatically thought I had done something wrong — working with this new MacBook Pro in GarageBand, I’m still stumbling and tripping all over the place. BUT, once I recorded today’s episode, I paid better attention to the whole process and discovered the glitch: after downloading my podcast, I noticed audioBoo had only registered 5 of the 7 minutes and 16 seconds, cutting it short once again. It wasn’t my fault after all. Cool!

So here I was with an audio recording, but no vehicle to post it on Facebook and audioBoo. What to do… ? Would I be stuck skipping a few days till audioBoo fixed the tech problem… ?

And then it dawned on me: I would post it here, as a regular podcast, and finally get to learn how my podPress plug-in works. Perfect!

So all this to say that I’m happy to have persevered instead of calling it quits. And even though there are a few moments in today’s show that I could have done without — i.e., my abundant use of the words “like” and “thing” — I’m proud of myself for not re-recording the podcast and instead going for the natural, “spontaneous” effect.

In other words, What you hear is what you get!

Hope you’ll enjoy it… and leave me a comment.

SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: A really big THANK YOU to my good friend Kcrystina for helping me figure out the last steps needed to download my podcast to Bluehost. I LOVE YOU!

small yellow sun drawing

July 1, 2010

HAPPINESS is… Radio FaceBoo!

This morning — at Tim’s — as I sipped my coffee and wrote in my Morning Pages about finding ways to have more fun, an idea popped into my head: Why not start a radio show on both Facebook and audioBoo?

mic retro

So here it is…

EPISODE ONE of Radio FaceBoo


If you don’t want to miss future episodes,
please join me on Facebook or audioBoo… or both!

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