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August 16, 2010

Road to 60 – I made it!

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You’ve come a long way, baby…


And there are many more roads ahead.



August 11, 2010

Road to 60 – moving and shaking!

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I’m telling you folks, there’s a whole lotta moving and shaking going on this month. My happiness is growing with each passing day that brings me closer to turning 60, and my rage for change is slowly going out of control — oh yeah!

Recently, I told you about the disappearance of my bedroom. Once the room was empty, here’s what happened…

moving furniture - meuble mobile

Since I was all by my lonesome self to move everything from one end of my flat to the other, I put blankets and carpets under the heavy furniture in order for it to glide towards its destination.

home office - bureau à la maison

Thus the room formerly known as my bedroom has become my new office. Here you have the view as you enter the premises.

drawing corner - coin dessin

Now that I don’t have my big drawing table anymore — wasn’t using it that much so I gave it to my grandson — I put my light table in this quaint little corner where I can look out the window and be entertained by whatever’s happening in the lane.

archive corner - coin archives

The wall where my trunk and vanity used to be is now fully occupied by storage units. Two years later, my paper purge is far from being over — what a slowpoke, eh?

computer station - coin ordinateur

Finally, the guided tour ends with my work station. You see that my faithfull PC is still on duty even though a MacBook Pro has entered my life. I am doubly served and doubly blessed — THANK YOU, UNIVERSE!


August 10, 2010

Road to 60

I will be 60 on August 16…
at exactly 9:10 in the morning.

I’m thrilled about the upcoming new decade. I even talked about it in EPISODE 11 of Radio FaceBoo; recorded on July 31 — a saturday night — I went on and on, saying how exciting it is for me to be turning 60… that I’m finally at ease with the thought of being the clown-without-a-costume that I’ve always known myself to be in my heart and soul.

On the eve of stepping into August, I was possessed with an urgent need to clear up space for change. And so it was that I started to demolish my bedroom.


You see, I’ve been sleeping in my living room — in my big comfortable recliner arm chair — since last September. This means I wasn’t using my bedroom anymore so might as well get rid of my queen-size bed (with its rock-hard mattress) and other pieces of furniture that took up space and blocked the good chi.

coiffeuse vanité vanity

A longtime friend of mine offered to take the bed off my hands and was happy to inherit the vanity which belonged to my mom.

malle trunk

My huge trunk is destined to hold a special function in what will become the Giggle Theatre. For this to happen, I cleared my office of all ITS furniture as well — I’ll keep you posted on this work in progress.

wicker table rotin

As for the wicker table, the rococo lamp, and the guardian angel, they’ll probably end up in my kitchen — “to be continued.”

So that’s what happened on July 31.

I’ll be back very soon with my account
of the first days of August — woo hoo hoo!