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January 31, 2011

FLASHBACK 2010 – part one

(Better late than never, right?)



Wrote 21 posts on this blog plus 20 on my French blog, for a grand total of 41 posts — I was on a roll!

Faithful to my yearly ritual, I picked a rune: Ansuz — amazing how spot-on it ended up being. Wait till you see the one I picked for 2011 — YESSS!

Started this big 12-Notch plan with my usual over-the-top enthusiasm. I wanted CHANGE. I wanted ABUNDANCE. I wanted 2010 to be the most creative and productive year ever.

Of course, my plan was well organised and came with monthly goals, weekly baby steps, weekly updates, and a monthly trophy for reaching my monthly goals. I’m quite the Master Planner.

Did a whole lot of walking, that month. Could be it was a way to get out of the house for exercise… or could be it was a way to get out of doing the work I was supposed to be doing in order to move onwards and upwards towards a brighter future. In any case, I’m sure it’s what was best for me at the time — riiiiiiiight.

Saw the movie Avatar which had me imagining Cameron’s first draft… 😉


Wrote 8 posts + 8 posts on my French blog = total of 16 posts.

I stretched daily — it was my first goal.

My second goal was to come up with a decent about me page. A goal I reached in OCTOBER… and it’s still not completed. Must be my penchant for suspense, eh?

Ended up giving myself half a trophy and finding all kinds of excuses to justify my lack of action.

On February 27, I wrote 20 pages in my Journal about what poverty represents for me. It was — and remains to this day — an eye-opening and life-changing exercise.


Wrote 4 posts + 4 posts on my French blog = total of 8 posts.

Though eliminating ones clutter is very feng shui and clears the way for the Law of Attraction, I must admit that physical work such as emptying storage units and moving personal archives around from boxes to shelves to more boxes has often been an excuse for me to not do what I should be doing in order to make my dreams come true — *sigh*.

But, I did end the month on a most positive note: got rid of my Pax The Singing Clown costume which was a constant reminder — as it hung in my closet — of my being “poor” and having to busk the metro for spare change back when I was in my fifties.

Pax The Singing Clown a.k.a. Poverty Pax

Goodbye “poor” me — Helloooo RICH moi!

(to be continued)