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October 20, 2014

FACEBOOK SAGA —> I’m back as MUDD thanks to Sister Roma

HALLELUJAH! The Divine Sister Roma’s intervention got me back on Facebook as MUDD. 

Here’s the story:

August 30, without any prior warning, Facebook disables my account. It’s Saturday night, I’m visiting friends, and my son emails one of them saying my account has disappeared.


I go back to my place and try logging into my account. That’s when Facebook informs me my account has been disabled and will remain disabled till I send them proof of my identity.


Monday, September 1, I write my first post about the FACEBOOK SAGA. I can’t believe this is happening: my name wasn’t picked at random — someone flagged my account!


I start emailing back and forth with a certain Facebook employee called Tinka, sending her proof that I’m a “real” person — not a bully, not a fake — and that I’m “known” as MUDD Lavoie on numerous social networks. I also explain why I chose to call myself MUDD in 1982 and why I refuse to use the name I was given at birth.

Weeks go by. I’m now emailing back and forth with another Facebook employee called Arnold, sending him all the links and screenshots I previously sent to Tinka, but to my great despair, I keep getting the same reply: they want legal proof that I’m truly MUDD Lavoie. Nobody takes the time to read my plea… to understand why, back in 1982, I chose to call myself MUDD.

On October 16, I come across an article in Market Watch: How Aunt Barbara fought Facebook and got her name back. YESSSSSS… there is a Goddess = her name is Sister Roma!

And so I tweet… and Sister Roma promptly replies:

The very next day — October 17 — Sister Roma sends my “file” to her Facebook contact and a few hours later, my account is reactivated!



Meanwhile, back in the Real World, my application for a change of name has made its way to the government office — details in my next blog post coming soon.

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October 3, 2014

The Andy Warhol Diaries – October 3, 1984

October 3, 1984, was a Wednesday.
Here’s what Andy had to say:

Jean Michel called three or four times, he’d been taking smack. Bruno came by and saw a painting that Jean Michel wasn’t finished with yet, and he said, “I want it, I want it,” and so he gave him money and took it, and I felt funny, because nobody’s done that for me in so long. That’s the way it used to be.

I was going to the party on Malcolm Forbes’ boat for Imelda Marcos. It was sort of embarrassing because I thought I was late but I was early. Most of the people were so old and they were all from my street, East 66th Street — I guess it must be the richest street in the world. Imelda lives on it between Fifth and Madison. Lee Radziwill came. She looked good in a short haircut. Imelda’s gotten a little too fat, though, so if I did her picture I’d want to do it from the old days, when she was Miss Philippines in the pageant. She was being a hostess and she sang, later on after dinner she sang about twelve songs — “Feelings,” and then that song from the war, you know, the oozy-doozy-bowsy-lowsy one. Oh, what is it? “Mares Eat Oats.” Everybody said that once Imelda gets started partying you can’t stop her, that she’s always the last to leave, and it was true, she was going strong.

Then cabbed to Mr. Chow’s where Jean Michel was having a birthday party for this girl who’d talked him into having it for her. He had Diego Cortez and Clemente and people and when I got there he was asleep, snoring actually. We woke him up to pay the check, because I wasn’t going to get this one.

Got home and I turned on the Letterman show and there was — Malcolm Forbes! Talking about everything. And I thought, Gee, what a great name for a magazine, Forbes. They just named it their name. And I started thinking about a magazine called Warhol. (laughs) No no, I don’t love my name so much. I always wanted to change it. When I was little I was going to take “Morningstar,” Andy Morningstar. I thought it was so beautiful. And I came so close to actually using it for my career. This was before the book, Marjorie Morningstar. I just liked the name, it was my favorite.

(now i feel my life is sooooooo boring… yawn)

Great photo of Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol:

One of my fav pieces by Basquiat:

See you next time. Till then…
Don’t forget to DANCE.

The Andy Warhol Diaries, edited by Pat Hackett

October 3, 2014

centipedes and sleepless nights

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So it’s 5:30 AM and I’m still awake. I was feeling drowsy at 2, barely able to keep my eyes focused as I scheduled the upcoming day’s work on my Mac, when suddenly a 3-inch centipede came running across the sheets causing me to nearly send my laptop flying off the bed.


Before I moved here last year, I’d never lived in a place with centipedes. And until tonight, these ugly disgusting creatures had never crawled on anything else but the bathroom walls, making occasional appearances in the hall… again crawling on the wall.


Since I was now WIDE AWAKE (and slightly nauseous), I tried my best to entertain my brain in order to keep it from creating a horror movie that would cause me to start packing. I tweeted. I watched videos. I wrote emails. And then I read the horoscope for the month of October.


Yes, it’s quite disturbing exciting.
See for yourself:

October is a balancing act. The image is of watching a circus act from a place of terror and excitement and then feeling both relieved and exhilarated when the act is successfully completed. This month pushes the edge of everything, forcing expansion, new strategies for balance and a necessary letting go of what really does not work. It is an exciting, terrifying, exhilarating month with the challenge of extreme panic and fear as well as the opportunity to experience the ecstatic state of higher frequencies like never before. (Read the rest here.)

Well now THAT should be fun.

Here ya go — leaving you with my little friend.
Sweet dreams!

October 1, 2014

Carrier Pigeon Express

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For those of you who wish to send me
a private message, my CONTACT page
is now fixed.