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February 29, 2016

FLOW photo challenge — day 29: colour of the day

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I went for a walk by the river, this afternoon, to see if I could get a good picture for this last day of the challenge. It was COLD and the bitter wind was merciless, but I ended up taking 40 photos before my fingers went numb. Here are my 3 favourite ones:

Here, I felt peaceful… happy to be ALIVE.

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Here, I laughed.
Sign says, “Swim at your own risk.”
No thanks!

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Here, I realized how quickly…
within a few seconds…
things can change.

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And speaking of change, tomorrow is the first day of March — YESSS. I’m looking forward to spring… to new life… to more creative challenges that will help me break out of my shell.


(the beginning!)

February 28, 2016

FLOW photo challenge — day 28: self-portrait

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“Mummenschanz Fail”
self-portrait with masking tape 

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Remember, last October, when I told you I had finally found my purpose in life which is to make people laugh? (Here’s the link.) Well as of last night, I’m now totally convinced that if I want to make people laugh, I need to show them my face — if possible in motion — because my face is the funniest part of me especially when I’m talking about my life.

Had I realized this on Day 4, I would have made a funny face or a short video for today’s theme instead of wrapping myself in a toxic glue cocoon.

Enlarge the pic to see the look in my eye – – -> Psycho.

Tomorrow: colour of the day.

February 27, 2016

FLOW photo challenge — day 27: on the plate

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Today is my brother Robert’s birthday; good ol’ Bobby Baby is 62. But he lives in Belgium, so we had a Skype call at noon — 6:00 pm his time — and, as usual, we laughed up a storm and had a ball. Unfortunately, the connection wasn’t that good and the party ended after only an hour.

Boo hoo hoo.

Tonight, I’m celebrating with his picture — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRO! Too bad you can’t be here to help me eat this delicious cake… I LOVE YOU!


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Tomorrow: self-portrait.

February 26, 2016

FLOW photo challenge — day 26: in the street

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In the street…
An invitation to cross. 
An invitation to walk towards the river.

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Tomorrow: on the plate.