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July 25, 2017


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MUDD aging cartoon face drawing MUDD LAVOIEFor instance, look at my portfolio page — argh! Am currently going back in time to every single post since December 2007 in order to upload my pictures directly to WordPress instead of linking to Photobucket. It’ll take me a while, so please be patient. THANKS.


July 5, 2017

Keith Haring, Pisa, my photographer friend, snakes, synchronicity, and a NEW DRAWING

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I’m a big fan of reptiles.

Earlier this year, I wanted to create a huge painting for my living room so I drew a few sketches of a SNAKE slithering amid rocks and cactuses.

Months later, the 48 x 48 inch canvas hangs on the wall over my couch: blank, barren, empty.

But now that my mojo’s back, I figured it would be good practice for me to start with a drawing before graduating to the Big Canvas. Last week, on Wednesday, I made a new SNAKE sketch for my Project Hallway.


I’m also a big fan of Keith Haring.

On her recent trip to Italy, my longtime friend Sylvie Robert stopped in Pisa — to see the famous tower — where she unexpectedly came across a mural created by Haring in 1989. She shared this photo on Facebook… especially for moi.  😎

Thursday, Sylvie came over for supper
and brought me THIS:

When I saw the SNAKE on the Keith Haring magnet, my goosebumps got goosebumps — amazing synchronicity!

Bursting with gratitude and boosted by Haring’s energy, I created the second drawing for my Project Hallway:

Black ink & Prismacolor pencils on cardboard
9.5 x 7.5 inches

2 frames down and 6 to go.
Having fun is FUN.


P.S.: If ever you’re in Pisa, check out the art/shop/café where Sylvie bought the magnet. They also have a Facebook page.