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May 20, 2014

One Thing A Day In May – day 20 – on creating fear

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It bothers me that I’m scared. It insults me. Because it keeps me from doing the things I’d love to do, such as: visit my brother who’s been living in Belgium for the past THIRTY YEARS (fear of flying) and go scuba diving (fear of having water over my head).

I have no clue where my fear of flying comes from, but I think I inherited my mother’s fear of water which also keeps me from sailing or swimming with dolphins.

Here I am in 1954 — I was 4 — sitting in 2 inches of water. Do you think I had an overprotective mother?


May 11, 2014

One Thing A Day In May – day 11 – Tea with Mom

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Mom died in 1991 but her ashes are still with me. So today — for Mother’s Day — we had tea together on the veranda.

YES… the VERANDA. I was so looking forward to warmer weather so I could enjoy this extra space — sit by the open window, take in the view, pretend I’m vacationing “somewhere else” in the world!

I’m not the only one who’s happy: Mom is relieved to finally get out of the house. Too bad the balcony is covered — we both LOVE the sun. Oh well.

Here I am with Mom at the end of 1950. This is the only photo I have of her holding me in her arms. Precious.

Leaving you with something I wrote on the 20th anniversary of her death: A sign from the hereafter and good news from the herenow.


June 21, 2013

Layla got her wings

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At 11:30 this morning, Layla was put to sleep.


She was my son Vincent’s friend… a stray vagabond dog found wandering by the road in 2007. We don’t know how old she was, but she had gotten pretty messed up in the last year or so — she was more and more confused, her legs would let go, she was losing weight, and she no doubt suffered in silence. So yeah, it was time for her to go.

I held her in my arms while Vincent drove us to the vet’s. My son and I were together, caressing her, when she got her injection. She went softly… peacefully.

I love you, Layla!


June 15, 2013

Saturday Night in La Conception

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Listening to ROCK 101, Vancouver’s Classic Rock radio. Now playing: One of These Nights, The Eagles.

Sitting at my son’s kitchen table in La Conception drinking pink grapefruit juice and eating pretzel sticks. Now playing: Shake it Up, The Cars.

Drawing a birthday card for my grandson who turned 7 yesterday but the party’s tomorrow at my other son’s house in Boucherville. Now playing: Is This Love, Bob Marley.