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February 27, 2016

FLOW photo challenge — day 27: on the plate

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Today is my brother Robert’s birthday; good ol’ Bobby Baby is 62. But he lives in Belgium, so we had a Skype call at noon — 6:00 pm his time — and, as usual, we laughed up a storm and had a ball. Unfortunately, the connection wasn’t that good and the party ended after only an hour.

Boo hoo hoo.

Tonight, I’m celebrating with his picture — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRO! Too bad you can’t be here to help me eat this delicious cake… I LOVE YOU!


[ click pic to enlarge ]

Tomorrow: self-portrait.

February 20, 2016

FLOW photo challenge — day 20: smile

February 1981: Sébastien is 7; Vincent, almost 2.
They’re my babies. My sons. My boys.

Nowadays, at 42 and almost 37, they still make my heart grow as big as a football whenever I see them smile. And when we find ourselves at the same place and I catch them together, talking, gesticulating, laughing and having a good time, well… I get all soft inside and could go on like this, staring at them, for hours and hours.

[ click pic to enlarge ]

[ click pic to enlarge ]

My babies. My sons. My boys.
I love you!

PHOTO taken by my friend Sylvie Robert.
Thanks for the beautiful souvenir 🙂

Tomorrow: garland.

May 20, 2014

One Thing A Day In May – day 20 – on creating fear

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It bothers me that I’m scared. It insults me. Because it keeps me from doing the things I’d love to do, such as: visit my brother who’s been living in Belgium for the past THIRTY YEARS (fear of flying) and go scuba diving (fear of having water over my head).

I have no clue where my fear of flying comes from, but I think I inherited my mother’s fear of water which also keeps me from sailing or swimming with dolphins.

Here I am in 1954 — I was 4 — sitting in 2 inches of water. Do you think I had an overprotective mother?


May 11, 2014

One Thing A Day In May – day 11 – Tea with Mom

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Mom died in 1991 but her ashes are still with me. So today — for Mother’s Day — we had tea together on the veranda.

YES… the VERANDA. I was so looking forward to warmer weather so I could enjoy this extra space — sit by the open window, take in the view, pretend I’m vacationing “somewhere else” in the world!

I’m not the only one who’s happy: Mom is relieved to finally get out of the house. Too bad the balcony is covered — we both LOVE the sun. Oh well.

Here I am with Mom at the end of 1950. This is the only photo I have of her holding me in her arms. Precious.

Leaving you with something I wrote on the 20th anniversary of her death: A sign from the hereafter and good news from the herenow.