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February 20, 2016

FLOW photo challenge — day 20: smile

February 1981: Sébastien is 7; Vincent, almost 2.
They’re my babies. My sons. My boys.

Nowadays, at 42 and almost 37, they still make my heart grow as big as a football whenever I see them smile. And when we find ourselves at the same place and I catch them together, talking, gesticulating, laughing and having a good time, well… I get all soft inside and could go on like this, staring at them, for hours and hours.

[ click pic to enlarge ]

[ click pic to enlarge ]

My babies. My sons. My boys.
I love you!

PHOTO taken by my friend Sylvie Robert.
Thanks for the beautiful souvenir 🙂

Tomorrow: garland.

October 8, 2015

i finally found what i want to do with my life


Q: What makes me happy?
A: When I make someone smile.

Q: What makes me super happy?
A: When I make someone laugh.


From now on, I will do my best to:

  • make people smile;
  • make people laugh.


It took me 65 years to find my purpose.
Don’t give up the fight!


May 7, 2014

One Thing A Day In May – day 7 – creating HAPPINESS

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My thing for today was to create a big chunk of HAPPINESS.

To accomplish this mission, I had the help of my very handsome friend Captain Fantastic who joined me for lunch at the Fréjus, a charming café a mere 5-minute walk from my humble adobe.

It was D E L I C I O U S. We ate and talked for more than 2 hours.

Next, we went for a walk by the river. We walked for nearly 3 hours, making frequent stops in order to take in the beauty. The birds-a-singing. The ducks-a-swimming. The trees-a-budding. The abundance of everything gloriously awakening for spring.

I had brought my camera along though I didn’t really feel like taking pictures — I wanted to enjoy being with my friend, not worry about capturing the perfect pic for today’s blog post. But my friend was the one who spotted this secret pathway and convinced me it was a true Kodak Moment:

And then he noticed this snail stuck to a twig (my favourite photo!):

Now THIS is what happiness is all about — a lazy afternoon with a friend… down by the riverside.

Thank you, LIFE!


February 13, 2014

Good Morning, Life!

What can I do for you today?