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February 17, 2016

FLOW photo challenge — day 17: small papers

My Treasure Chest is filled with wishes — written on small pieces of paper — waiting to be manifested by the Universe. I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction… even if I actually have to work. HA!

[ click photo to enlarge ]

[ click photo to enlarge ]

Tomorrow: flower.

May 22, 2014

One Thing A Day In May – day 22 – Isle of Mudd: the flag

One day, I’ll have my own private island somewhere in the world — I’ll call it Isle of Mudd. And to make sure I’m ready when that day comes, I designed my flag:

You will, of course, be invited to come visit my Peace & Love paradise. Hey… we never know… better start making plans right away!

February 13, 2014

Good Morning, Life!

What can I do for you today?

August 20, 2012

shape up or ship out – THE PLAN week 1

Getting into the groove. Taking it easy. Don’t want to burn out. Don’t want to get bored. Don’t want to hurt myself, either.

Slow train comin’…


I was at my son’s place, yesterday, to take care of his dogs while he was away. So I slept there and, of course, woke up there this morning. Normally, I wouldn’t have started the challenge today. I would have postponed it because What?! I can’t start my challenge if I’m not home!


Normally, I wouldn’t have started the challenge this week. I’m leaving for Montreal on thursday to house-sit for a friend and I’ll be away for 8 days, maybe more. I would have postponed it for sure because What?! I won’t have my rebounder and my yoga mat and my weights and how in the world will I do my workouts?


This is a  “do-what-you-can-with-what-you’ve-got” challenge. When I’m home, I have a few pieces of equipment I can use, but if I’m away from home, I can skip rope instead of jumping on the rebounder, and I can still do my crunches and push-ups on the floor. There are alternatives to lifting weights: a resistance band will easily fit into my bag or I can add more push-ups. Walking up and down stairs, taking a brisk walk, disco dancing till I drop… there’s ALWAYS a way to work out.

So no more excuses.

These are not “normal times,”
these are “shape up or ship out” times.


week 1

(may be modified)


  • wake up at 7:45
  • stretch (5 min.)
  • conscious breathing (5 min.)
  • meditation (20 min.)
  • breakfast — no computer, no book, no reading whatsoever / conscious eating while listening to music (30 min.)
  • brisk walk outside; if the weather is bad, disco dance inside (15 min.)
  • writing and/or drawing (3 hours)


  • lunch — forbidden to open computer / open book at random and read both pages… or more, if I feel like it (60 min.)


  • writing and/or drawing (2 hours)
  • rebounder (20 min.)
  • stretch
  • weights (will fill you in on my routine as I go along)
  • abs (varied exercises)
  • push-ups
  • stretch
  • GET OUT OF  THE HOUSE — walk… meet people…  enjoy life!


  • supper — computer time!
  • social networking, blog posting, etc.
  • go to bed as early as possible, preferably no later than midnight (I’m starting tonight… because I went to bed at 4:30 this morning — this Night Owl will need LOTS of discipline!)


  • drink at least 3 litres of water each day
  • eat fruit or nuts or some sort of snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon (5 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones)

The challenge will last till the end of the year — 134 days!


P.S.: I’ve decided to go back and read Nicole Cody’s GRATITUDE CHALLENGE posts. When I was doing the challenge, I didn’t take the time to reflect on everything because I was so busy doing it my way. So back to Day 1 and all the good vibes… YES.