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November 17, 2010

Postcard From Bobby Baby (4)

While I travel in my head, in my dreams, in my imaginary bus, my brother Robert travels in reality.


Recently, he and his wife took a 3-day trip to London. They left their home in Saint-Symphorien and went by car to Brussels, and then took the train for the rest of the way. I phoned him as soon as I received his card, last week, and he told me they had a blast.


Let me translate for you:

Wednesday, November 3

A little trip for two in London.
Quick, but superb. We’re thinking of you.
See you soon, big kisses.


I forgot to show you the 2 postcards Bobby Baby sent me over the summer. They’re particularly interesting as they were sent from the region, in France, where our ancestor René de la Voye was born. With all the renovations and stuff lying all over the place, I’ll have to find them first! As soon as I do, I’ll put them up.

And do you know where the next postcard will be coming from? Barcelona. Cool, huh?

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August 9, 2009

Postcard From Bobby Baby (3)

Last month, my brother was in Prague.
He’s the same traveling sibbling who
graced me with postcards 1 and 2.

I spoke to him this afternoon. Actually, the call was meant for his son Benoît who turned 20 today — I wanted to serenade his ears off with an appropriate song. But my nephew was out and about with friends, so good old auntie Mudd will have to wait.

All this to say that my dear brother Robert was blown away by Prague’s architecture. He visited the “superbe belle ville” (i.e., superb beautiful city) with his childhood friend Louis and, of course, the wives. Result: 5 days of total bliss.

So blissful that he ran out of words to express his feelings — as you can plainly (and shortly) see by reading the card. 🙂

I can remember the days, many many moons ago,
when we used to hold hands and wait for the future
to whisk us away on exotic adventures.

Well… one of us is still waiting.
But my time will come!

April 21, 2009

Postcard From Bobby Baby (2)

Got a postcard from my brother Robert, today.
Yup, he’s in Venice.

Make that was — by now, he must be
back home in Belgium.

I told you about him last year — he had sent me a postcard from Camargue, in France.

And I bet this short escapade to Italy won’t be his only trip, this year; I’m sure he’ll be on the road again for his summer vacation. Because that’s how great it is to live in Europe: you’re only a hop, skip, and a jump away from a myriad of fascinating places.

Here’s what he wrote (in case you’re confused, “Mudd Lavoie”
is my real name — “Oza Meilleur” is my alter ego):

Hi Mudd,

France and I decided to take a 4-day break in Venice.
It’s a place to see, but only once. I’ll tell you about it.

Big kisses

If he hasn’t phoned by tomorrow 3:00 pm — which is 9:00 pm in Belgium — I’m going to call him. I can’t wait to hear what he thought of Venice and why he recommends going there only once. Hmmm…

You can’t imagine how happy it makes me to receive a postcard from my brother; I haven’t seen him since February 2004 when he came to Montreal and a whole bunch of us got together to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Yeah, I miss him a lot — he’s such a CRRRRazy guy. I have his photo up on the wall, in my office; when I’m at the computer, I often stop to look at him…

He’s sitting on a terrace, in Portugal,
drinking a nice cold Carlsberg.

Hey Bobby Baby… I love you.

August 12, 2008

Postcard From Bobby Baby

Received a postcard
from my brother.
Oh Happy Day!

Robert moved to Belgium in 1981 to be with the love of his life — who shall remain nameless — and they now have two grown sons who will also remain nameless for the obvious discretionary reasons.

As for my brother…well…if you’re reading this, Robert, I was going to change your name to Léonard — Leo, for short — but I’ll never be comfortable calling you anything else but Robert or Bob or Bobby, so kill me. 🙂


Every summer, my brother and his family travel to a new place, and for the last few years, they’ve been visiting different regions of France. This time around, they went to Camargue.

For those of you who can’t read French, Robert says it’s real hot, that there are a lot of mosquitoes (BILLIONS!!!), but that apart from the heat and the bugs, it’s cool. He mentions how nice and friendly the people are, and he finishes off by saying he’ll call me as soon as he gets home.


I guess he’s waiting to call me on Saturday
for my BIRTHDAY, right?


I didn’t know flamingos were so popular in that part of the world. If you check out Camargue on Wikipedia, you’ll see a photo with almost exactly the same flamingo set-up as you see here on my postcard, except there’s no house in the far distance and there are very high weeds. But the flamingos — same choreography.

All this to say that I’m always happy when I get a postcard from my darling brother. I’ll have to show you the stacks of postcards and letters he sent me throughout his traveling life. That will be part of my Paper Purge — reading his stuff, putting everything in chronological order, and making him a nice big scrapbook: BOB ON THE GO.

And now for the question du jour:
Do you keep old postcards and letters?