June 28, 2017

life is like an empty frame

Posted in creativity, drawings

Yes, boys and girls, life is like an empty frame.
You’re either content with the crappy picture it came with,
or you fill it up with your own creation.

I moved into this apartment in July 2013. Somewhere in 2014, I bought 8 frames at Dollarama — 3 bucks each — to decorate the hallway. Up until yesterday, all of them had remained empty except for the crappy pictures they came with. My hallway was a reflection of my life: Bland Uniformity.

And then yesterday, I made a small step towards the eradication of blandness: I filled the first frame with the first of a long series of drawings I’ll be creating now that THE THRILL IS BACK, BABY!

So that’s 1 frame down and 7 to go.
Stay tuned for more!


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