August 28, 2008

Philomena Flies (and so do I)

Like Philomena, I’m flying away.
For how long? — I can’t say.

Blame it on the computer!


My two-year-old PC has been freezing and crashing and losing its mind for a great deal of time. Minor problems started as early as last year, but recently they’ve grown bigger and more annoying; they’ve joined forces and have become a HUGE pain in my peace & love derrière.

So off it goes to the repair shop, today.
The computer, not the derrière.

Following the tech guy’s report on the condition my computer’s in, I will take a long look at the big picture; and when I say “big picture,” I mean the not too distant future.

I want to get into podcasting — eventually have my very own online radio show — so I need to VISUALIZE + ATTRACT + MANIFEST an iMac. I want a mean machine equipped with all the cool tools so I can record and mix and even conduct interviews.

And in order to get the ball rolling…to ease myself into podcasting…I’ve been working on a new website — MUDDINYOURFACE — that will somehow compliment this Oza blog as it will give the Mudd in me a chance to express herself more freely…in English only.

It’s going to be in blog format, exclusively dedicated to short audio messages. Funny ones, deep ones, silly ones, whatever.
Daily blurts of the subconscious mind.

So off I go into the great blue yonder.
Flying over the rainbow…where dreams
really do come true.


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  1. christina says:

    Nice to be back. Catching up on my Oza reading, and loving every minute. Hope the summer has been super for you.
    BIG HUG!
    Montreal Entrepreneur Scene

    August 30, 2008 at 11:23 pm

  2. MuddLavoie says:

    Hi Christina!

    Welcome back. Summer has been wet…but fun. Every day ALIVE has to be good, right?

    Hugs and LOVE xoxo

    September 8, 2008 at 10:03 pm

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